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Himalyan Mists - Genie In A Bottle

  • Himalayan Cedar Wood Mist

    ₹413 / 50 ml

    This holy water is extracted through steam distillation of the stumps and roots of the Cedrus Deodara i.e. Himalayan Cedar Wood.The sweet, woody aroma of this hydrosol will instantly transport you to a Himalayan jungle with cool and mossy breeze blowing through. It is an anti inflammatory and antiseptic water. It can be used as facial toner, face and body freshener, room or car freshener, apparel freshener and even a household cleanser leaving your home smelling like a jungle. Can also be used in diffuser, bath, steam, sauna and other aromatherapy routines.

  • Himalayan Pine Needle Face & Body Mist

    ₹413 / 50 ml

    Pine Needle hydrosol is distilled water from the needles of the Pine trees grown in the Himalayas. The aroma of this water reminds one of the forests, its a sweet and spicy concoction of nature. It is an energizing water and spreads freshness. This water is very good as an after shave. It is a very good home cleaner and is antiseptic. Try using this pine needle hydrosol in a bath, shower, sauna, room spray, or diffuser blend to enjoy some of its incredible benefits. Some aromatherapists like to use it to cleanse, purify, and energize one’s energetic and emotional environment.

  • Himalayan Juniper Berry Face & Body Mist

    ₹413 / 50 ml

    Juniper Berry Hydrosol is mildly sweet, crisp and refreshing. Its a calming and healing water with antiseptic properties. It helps cleans clogged pores, sooth acne, stimulates circulation and is detoxifying. These waters have endless uses, you can use them for almost anything from face freshener to space freshener, apparel freshener can and also be used in bath to have a rejuvenating experience.

  • Himalayan Rose Face & Body Mist

    ₹413 / 50 ml

    Our Rose Hydrosol i.e. Rose Water comes through steam distillation of roses grown in the Himalayan ranges. The aroma of these roses will leave you mesmerized with the gentle subtlety with which nature touches us. Pure rose water is a gift of Mother Nature as its a natural perfume, a skin toner, skin beautifier, antiseptic, anti viral and an aphrodisiac. Use this water to bathe in, use it to refreshen face and body, spaces, kids. Have fun with this beautiful hydrosol.

  • Peppermint Face & Body Mist

    ₹413 / 50 ml

    Peppermint mist is pure peppermint hydrosol which is extracted in the process of steam distillation. This water of the Peppermint plant is aromatic and carries some properties of the plant with it. It is used as a face and body freshener, it has an extraordinary property to cool the skin down immediately. It works like a natural AC on skin. It can also be used as room freshener, pet freshener, laundry freshener, car freshener, cleaner. Its a revitalizing and refreshing spray and also can be used in a bath. It can be kept in refrigerator to enhance the cooling effect. Please keep in cool and dark spaces.

  • Frankincense Face & Body Mist

    ₹413 / 50 ml

    Pure holy water of Frankincense to uncover the mysteries of the day or night with its clean earthy fragrance. Will get you back to your roots! The water from the resin of this desert plant of Frankincense helps refresh, focus in energy works and meditation with its sweet woody undertone. It can be used as a skin toner and to keep the skin healthy. Can also be mixed with other hydrosols or essential oils for an aroma spray therapeutic usage. Try!

  • Tea Tree Face & Body Mist


    Tea Tree mist is anti -fungal, anti-bacterial, anti- microbial, anti-viral and also a good astringent. You can use it to tone, firm and tighten skin as well as shrink large pores and reduce excess oils.. It helps sooth skin disorders, can be used to calm acne prone skin, could be used on cuts or wounds to help with them as well. Can also help with breathing and clearing respiratory passage. Can be sprayed to repell bugs. Also works as a disinfectant. It's multi- purpose magical water, a must have in ur closet!

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